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Is your script ready to be shared with Producers and Production Companies? We provide a practical reading service and feedback report to help you decide if your script is conveying accurately your vision for the project.

  • Early Draft Report includes: Synopsis, Logline, Writing and Script Strengths, Areas to focus on in future drafts, Marketability Assessment
  • Detailed Report includes Early Draft Report notes, plus more in depth coverage of all essential elements of the script: characters, dialogue, structure/plot/narrative, visual styling/grammar,


Bespoke service tailored to your project. After discussions with client - review of script and provision of detailed notes and suggestions for amendment and alterations to (for example):

  • Dialogue
  • Scene Order
  • Overrall script to keep project within a given financial budget or provide a clearer focus on the original narrative idea
  • Professional formatting & layout


A visually engaging slide deck to assist in communicating the narrative and commercial aspects of the film project to potential producers, financiers and agents.

Each pack is bespoke, but most would contain:

  • Synopsis
  • Logline
  • Character profiles
  • Team biographies
  • Mood board/visual representions for look and feel of the project

Additional fees would apply for Budget, Finance Plan and Forecasts.


If your work has a subject matter of public interest or you are person likely to generate broad public attention – crowdfunding may be a way of financially supporting your path to production. Ça Marche Media will be pleased to discuss the potential, prepare and also run your campaign.

If you would like to discuss any of these Other Services, please contact us with an indication of your areas of interest.

Naturally, there is no charge for an initial consultation.